What to do when your WordPress blog won’t load

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Posted 29 Jun 2009 in WordPress


I just upgraded my WordPress installation, and lo-and-behold, my blog wouldn’t load after I upgraded! The administration panel loaded just fine, so I knew that it wasn’t a database error. So, I did a little poking around to see if I could find the cause of this error.

First, I checked out my plugins – it is possible that plugins may be incompatible with an updated version of WordPress. I disabled each one, then reloaded my website. No dice. Page still doesn’t load.

Now, on to re-enabling all of my plugins.

Once that is done, I say to myself, it has to be the theme – so I disable the theme I was using – SuperPress – and yay – my site now loads. I’m a little confused as to why my theme would stop working, since it is 1) a premium theme and 2) from what I read, no major theme changes were made.

I downloaded a couple of other themes by other theme designers, and those themes would not work, either. Only the default WordPress themes worked with my WordPress installation.

If you upgrade your WordPress installation and get a blank page instead of your blog, first disable your plugins to rule out a buggy one, then check your theme to see if it is incompatible. If you have a buggy plugin, look for a replacement using WordPress.org or check out my post “Stop Using WordPress Plugins” and learn how to customize your theme to add functionality of plugins without the bloat. If you suspect your theme is the culprit, disable it and choose one of the two default WordPress themes. If you still can’t get your site up and running at that point, look to the WordPress forums or Twitter for assistance.

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