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WordPress WednesdaysUsing WordPress as your blogging software or even content management software is pretty easy, even for blogging software newbies. Personalization is what makes WordPress stand out, though. Not only can you use code to add functionality to your site, but you can also use any one of literally thousands of plugins to add features you want or need as well!

While I generally use around 30 plugins for this site, I do have a favorite… hands down —- RSS Footer.

Why is RSS Footer such a great plugin? For starters, you can add just about any text you can imagine to your RSS feed’s footer! Start thinking ads, links to posts you want to feature, copyright information, contact information, inspiring quotes – the sky’s the limit!

RSS Footer Options - Click for a Larger Version

Installation is a breeze and getting started using this plugin couldn’t be any easier!

The options for RSS Footer are straightforward – type in what you want to display in your footer (HTML is allowed), then note if you want this content to display before or after your posts in an RSS reader like Google Reader or Bloglines. You can also decide if you want to include a link back to the post you wrote, so your RSS readers can click on the link and be directed back to your homepage – or scrapers (the bad guys who steal your content) must link back to your site.
And that’s it! RSS Footer does exactly what its name says – and does it without a lot of complicated jargon or settings. If you are looking for a way to display links to some of your best posts to your RSS readers, generate more buzz for your website or Twitter page or add affiliate links, RSS Footer is the plugin for you!

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  1. I very much love this plugin! Been using it for awhile now.