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Posted 18 Jun 2008 in WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysOne of my favorite things about WordPress are its plugins – small, typically free add-ons that add in additional functionality to the WordPress system.

Some of the most popular WordPress plugins are those that give a little love to the people who make our blogs successful – our commenters!

Commentluv by Andy Bailey is one of those plugins. Commentluv will show a link to the last post from the commenter’s blog in their comment. It is one of the easiest plugins to install – just upload, activate and let it do its magic!

The link does have a “link condom” (rel=”external nofollow”) on it, so you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble with the Google Gods. Despite this, the plugin shows a bit of goodwill, because other visitors are likely to visit a commenter’s blog just because they commented on yours – and readers can see their interesting post titles.

Want to see it in action? Leave a comment now!

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  1. Haha…”Link condom”

    Susan’s last blog post: Acosmin

  2. i am always dreaming to have this plugin someday. now i am still work with free hosting, it is impossible right? :mrgreen:

    junthit’s last blog post: Busby SEO Challenge

    • Unfortunately, this can’t work with the hosted WP sites; but, you should sign up for a web host and have more control over your blog!

  3. That’s a pretty cool plugin. Thanks for the heads up!

    Ryse’s last blog post: Rocket American Sign Language Course Review

  4. It could attract more comments.

  5. You can now officially feel not guilty about your no-follows!!

    Jay’s last blog post: Short-term borrowing

  6. luv the comment luv… hopefully it works!

    Aidan’s last blog post: Nintendo Giving Out Wii Fun Centers to Hospitals

  7. Oh no! I should switch to wordpress soon for this great plug in!

  8. i like the this plugin…

    link condom in indonesia it means like dirty joke hehehe

    tjah_ajoeku’s last blog post: 7Host – Cheap ASP Hosting Net

  9. Sound funny if that plugin in is refer as condom in indonesia 😉

  10. Awesome.. traffic boost everyday… Thanks for the plugin!

    Mito’s last blog post: Use your time wisely in Busby SEO Challenge

  11. Do somebody know blogspot widget that similar with this plugin?

    Halim – Belajar SEO’s last blog post: Belajar SEO review: Another blogspot site that has good PR

    • I am not familiar with anything similar for Blogger, but look in Blogger’s help files and see if there’s any information.

  12. i want to try it to for commentluv with the love comment for commenting zone here. need to try it to. i don’t used it at this time. maybe next time..

    abdfatah try learning SEO’s last blog post: Belajar SEO Wangcyber semakin sengit.