Top 5 Features in WordPress 2.7

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Posted 13 Aug 2008 in WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysYes, WordPress 2.6 was just released, but why can’t we look forward to a new version?

Keith Dsouza at Weblog Tools Collection compiled a list of the upcoming features in WordPress 2.7 that bloggers can look forward to, but here are the top 5 features that I think will make some plugins obsolete and/or blogging so much more easier for WordPress users:

  1. One Click Plugin Installs – Installing a plugin will be much easier with the ability to click a button or link and the plugin installs automatically! Plugins with similar features are One Click Plugin and Plugin Central.
  2. WordPress core updates – This is a feature many users have been waiting for, with core updates you can easily upgrade your WordPress versions. A plugin with the same functionality is the WordPress Automatic Upgrade.
  3. Admin Panel Comment Replies – This function will allow administrators to reply to comments using the admin panel. There are several plugins which allow you to this, including WP AJax Edit Comments, Better Comments Manager (my personal favorite) and Absolute Comments.
  4. Comment Threading – This feature will allow users to reply to other commentators in a threaded manner, where replied comments will display below the actual comment. Brian’s Threaded Comments is a does the job of allowing users to reply to comments.
  5. Batch Editing of Posts – This feature will allow users to batch edit their posts. This can be incredibly useful if you want to add tags to specific posts or change the category without having to do it manually!

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  1. Maybe it was just me, but i had trouble installing and getting the one-click installer to work.

    Susan’s last blog post: Do Research Before Buying a Foreclosure Home

    • Did you ever get it to work? If not, contact me and I’ll try to help.

  2. Biiiig fan of the One Click Install plugin…but I think there were some issues with Firefox 3 initially…not sure if they exist now…

    courtney’s last blog post: 15 of 365: Organized…kinda. [Flickr]

  3. One Click Install is working fine with Fx 3 now. A new release was issued.

    Ellie’s last blog post: All About Google Knol