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Posted 28 Oct 2008 in WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysI don’t know how I survived blogging without FeedBurner to manage my feeds! A good analogy for FeedBurner and what it does for your blogs – it is like an alternative fuel for your blog feeds – making your blog (vehicle) run better, faster and smoother – while getting more mileage out of your RSS feeds!

First, you need a Feedburner account set up. If you do not have one, read more on the FeedBurner site – be sure to watch the cool video!

Got your FeedBurner account? Good! Let’s get started!

Navigate to Publicize and first ACTIVATE the service.

FeedBurner Navigation
FeedBurner Navigation

Now, you’ll see the page load with something similar to this:

FeedBurner Settings
FeedBurner Settings

Customize your chicklet to match your website’s color scheme. As you can see, you can select from the color palette on the site, or input your own HEX code.

Copy and paste the HTML code into your WordPress template and save. Most bloggers put their FeedBurner stats in their sidebar (sidebar.php) near the RSS subscribe button or link, but you can also tinker with its location – further down the sidebar by the traffic stats, within individual posts, etc. Or try placing the chicklet in your footer. The sky’s really the limit with placing the chicklet in your blog’s template!

If you use FeedBurner, what’s your favorite Service? Let’s hear it in the comments! The most popular response will be featured next week!

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