Should you upgrade to WordPress 2.3?

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Posted 19 Sep 2007 in WordPress

WordPress 2.3 is going to be released soon, and many who use WordPress are wondering whether or not they should upgrade to the latest version.

The debate really stems from the fact that if you upgrade, you face having to upgrade your plugins, possibly tweaking your theme and even updating code.

For a lot of bloggers, they don’t have time to do that!

You really should update to WP 2.3, as there are security and coding fixes that are essential to running your WordPress powered website, so sticking with 2.2 is not an option!

There are two real options for you –

  • Upgrade as soon as 2.3 releases and upgrade your plugins as they are updated for compatibility
  • Wait a few weeks until the plugins are updated for compatibility and then upgrade to 2.3

I am going to upgrade as soon as 2.3 releases. While some plugins add additional functionality that make it more fun or easier to use the site, I like knowing that my data is secure with the latest software version.

What are you planning to do?

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