Review: WP Auctions Gold

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Posted 11 Jun 2008 in WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysI was a winner in a contest held recently by Hyder at Everybody Go To and won a free copy of WP Auctions Gold!

WP Auctions Gold is a plugin that gives you the ability to sell anything on your blog, as well as show third party ads when you do not have any auctions open. The plugin is based off of the ‘widgets’ idea, so it is very easy to set up and use.WP Auctions

The additional bonus of using WP Auctions Gold is that it works with my favorite online payment system, PayPal, and it is customizable to fit in with any blog’s theme!

Instead of me giving Amazon or Ebay all of my money for commissions, I can now use WP Auctions Gold on my websites to make some sales and keep the money for myself!

WP Auctions Gold has tons of built in features that are must-haves, and it is also reasonably priced, so you can get started selling items online today! WP Auctions Gold even has a catch-all auctions site, so you can list your auctions there, then have traffic routed to your site!

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  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. Hey, that’s a pretty neat plug-in. I like how you can get a RSS feed generated for the auction.

    One question though – when you show 3rd party auctions, do you get a commission from the sale? I mean, you’re helping to sell the item so you should really get something for it…

    • That, I don’t know, Mark, but Hyder should be here soon to answer you!

      Ellie’s last blog post: Review: WP Auctions Gold

    • Mark,

      I presume you mean “3rd party” as in letting other people sell stuff via “your” blog using the plugin. Well that really was not the intent of this plugin as it is more or less geared towards letting individual bloggers host their own auctions.

      But if you have the traffic and find people interested to host their auctions on your blog, I assume you can grab a listing fee of some sort. This would probably help them market their products to an audience they might not have.

      There is no automated system for handling that though. It would have to be manually listed for the 3rd party, by you.

      Hyder’s last blog post: Temporary Absence

  3. Hi Ellie, Hi Hyder,

    Always love your plugin posts Ellie :-)

    Is your hike in visitors today related to using this plugin? As they mention on their site to send visitors…

    Just wonder how that works and how much you really get?



    Linky Love’s last blog post: How to get rid of Chipmunks : blog of the day

    • No, I think the hike in visitors is because I have been writing for and I had asked a few people to drop by and visit! So they did! :)