Photo Dropper Makes Adding Pictures to Your Posts Easier Than Ever

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Posted 19 Nov 2008 in WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysAdding photos to your posts adds interest and a little spark to your pages. Photo Dropper is a WordPress plugin that lets you add Flickr photos to your posts with an easy to use interface.

Photo Dropper searches for photos licensed for shared use and lets you pick the perfect pictures to add to your posts!

  1. Once you have the Photo Dropper plugin activated, you will see an “Add Photo via Photo Dropper” icon right above your Write Post (or Write Page) editor.Click on it, and enter keyword(s) for a photo you would like for your post (Example: “geek”, “biking”, or “cell phones”) and click the Search button.
  2. The search will return photos matching your keywords.
  3. Photo Dropper Screenshot

    Photo Dropper Screenshot

  4. Once you find a photo you would like to add to your post, click on any of the sizes (”S”mall, “M”edium, “L”arge) to add that photo and attribution link to your post.
  5. The photo will appear in your post, followed by a link to the specific CC license for that photo, as well as a link back to the Photo Dropper site, and a link to the photographer’s Flickr page.

How do you add photos to your WordPress powered blog? Let us know in the comments!

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