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Posted 24 Oct 2007 in WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysMonetization is increasingly popular in the blogosphere. There are even bloggers out there who blog about blogging for money!

A fresher way to sell advertising space on your WordPress powered site is to utilize the plugin AdIcons for WordPress from REBITRAN.

This handy plugin is still in ALPHA, so there are some bugs. My biggest complaint is that there is no readme file included, so you must read the directions on the website and hope for the best. This plugin does exactly hat it says it ill, and that is to provide a customizable area of Ad Icons for you to display or sell (or a combination of both) on your WordPress site.

I hope to see some improvements in the plugin in the future, including a way to have a popup window with the ability to input payment information. The code provided for the box only works in the sidebar.

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