Make Leaving Comments on WP Blogs Easier

WordPress WednesdaysLeaving comments on WordPress powered blogs can be tiresome and frankly, tedious.

There are two ways to work around this problem – one is a Firefox extension and the other is a browser bookmarklet.

I’ve mentioned bookmarklets here before, and this one works just the same. Single click and drag this link (WordPress Comment) to your browser toolbar. Be sure to edit the name, email and website values after saving by right clicking on the link and going to preferences. A WordPress comments bookmarklet could come in handy on many blogs, but the developer says there are problems with some themes not having the right coding, so the fields do not automatically fill in. Note: I have only tested on Firefox 3. (Source: i0nutzb)

easyComment Firefox Extension, mentioned on the Weblog Tools Collection, enables you to click once to comment on WordPress powered sites without having to reenter your information again and again. This extension even has a pre-written message, so you can write in your name, signature or a greeting in advance.

easyComment Extension

easyComment Extension Interface

Do you prefer one of these options over another? Or do you have a different way to fill out comment forms?

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  1. Hi there,
    I was interested to read this post when I saw the subject line in my Google Reader. Although, I don’t understand why we need these. What’s so difficult about leaving a comment on a WordPress site?

  2. The bookmarklet and extension save you time from having to type in your name, email address and URL on every website you comment on. Instead, you press the bookmarklet and the fields automatically fill in.

  3. Don’t worry, it work great on every other browser (even on IE6 :) )
    The bad thing is that some developers remove ID’s from comment fields so the bookmarklet won’t work on every blog. But will work on most :)
    Thanks for link!