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Posted 28 May 2008 in WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysWordPress has introduced native tagging support with it’s latest version, but it does not give you, the WordPress Administrator, a lot of tagging support.

So when you write a post then realize that you can’t remember what tags you have used before, you end up opening your blog’s homepage to figure out what tags to use, then copy and paste into the tags area of your WordPress Write Screen. Or you will just guess and hope you didn’t use uppercase in your tag, when you should have used lowercase, or spelled the tag incorrectly!

Do you want an easier way to add tags to your WordPress posts?

Click Tags provides the basic support we are looking for in our WordPress installs. This plugin adds a simple list of clickable tags for you to select while writing your WordPress posts. All of your tags are listed in alphabetical order. Click Tags seems to work best if you don’t have more than 30 or so tags, and it is easy to add new tags right inside of the Click Tags area.

If you are struggling to find support for your WordPress tags, try Click Tags. It might be the perfect addition to add more function to the tagging functionality of WP 2.5!

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