LinkWithin: Display Related Posts in a Fresher Style

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Posted 05 Aug 2009 in WordPress

linkwithin_logoMost related posts plugins for WordPress work about the same. They generate a list of possibly related posts based on keywords and categories and display them simply at the end of a blog post.

Everyone loves graphics nowadays, so why not combine photos and your related posts into clickable related posts that will grab a reader’s attention and keep them clicking for more? LinkWithin does just that by generating 3 clickable related posts thumbnails based on relevancy, popularity, and date of publication. The WordPress widget requires no code modification of your theme files. The images and links display underneath your post on single post pages. LinkWithin also works with TypePad and Blogger. You can also get the widget code yourself and set it up on other blogging platforms, if necessary.

LinkWithinDoesn’t that look far more attractive than a boring, dated list? LinkWithin is free, with possibilities for money-making ventures like ads in the future. LinkWithin is not customizable, so what you see is what you get – three links and the link back to LinkWithin. However, who cares? The matches are pretty solid after only an hour of installation.

Are you using LinkWithin? If so, let us know what you think about this free service.

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  1. Great! Thank for your share the free stuff :) , Its helpfull for me