How to Implement Tags into your WordPress Theme

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Posted 21 Nov 2007 in WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysThe newest version of WordPress offers tagging support. However, most existing themes do not offer tagging support. With the help of the handy tutorial over at Everybody Go To, you can modify your theme to include tagging support!

Why use tagging? Well, other than saying, “Everyone else is doing it,” think about the value it adds to your readers and visitors. If they want to find all posts related to “alphabet soup” then having a tagging system will make it easier to find all of these related posts, which means that they’ll spend more time reading your content! Tagging also helps with providing feedback to you, the author. We all like to look back and see what was on our minds at a particular point in time, but we also need to see what the major themes or ideas are with our blogging. Do you have a technology blog but spend a lot of time writing about current events? Do you have a blog about blogging but spend more time talking about software? Tagging can help you make shifts in your writing topics, so you stay on track with your niche and blog’s theme.

How To Implement Tags In Your WordPress Themes

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  1. :sad: Hey Ellie check out your PR… Google have whacked everyone doing paid posts…. Looks like even your fine blog has been robbed of it’s hard earned ranking points…
    What is a paid blogger to do????

    • Well, thanks to the Google Smackdown, I went from 3 to 4, then down to 2, then O. I’m working on a blog entry about it, but I have been under the weather. Stay tuned.

  2. :mrgreen: Looks like linkylove got away with it so far…..