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Posted 02 Jan 2008 in WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysIt’s 2008!

Take a few minutes to take inventory of your blog – from the way it looks to how it functions and everything in between. What things do you want to change in order to give your visitors a great experience when visiting – and you a wonderful experience as a WordPress user?

Change your theme. Your old theme may look great, but it can also cause “blindness” for your visitors. They may be ignoring great features in your sidebar because they are so used to the same old same old design. Be adventurous – choose a theme that will stand out and provide some freshness for your blog!

Start a weekly series. There’s no reason NOT to start a weekly series. It can be as simple as a weekly post rounding up some of your favorite posts from around the blogosphere to your own reviews of software, books, movies or just about anything. Everyone will be looking forward to your weekly posts – and it gives you something to look forward to as you further your blogging skills.

Delete, update and install plugins. Check your WordPress plugins list and get rid of those that duplicate functionality or are no longer useful to you. Update those plugins that have published updates, so your WordPress powered site remains secure and well-functioning! Install new plugins that add better or new functionality that can help you better your experience as an administrator or add features for your visitors.

WordPress Wednesdays features posts about plugins, themes and general usage of WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system!

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  1. Good post. I knew these things, but it’s good to be reminded of them sometimes. I use Drupal but the same sort of things apply there as well.

    I had to mention one of your tips in my post.

    Great idea regarding starting a weekly series. I’m going to do some thinking and see what I can come up with.

    • Thanks for the mention!

      I enjoy writing my weekly series – it puts my brain to good use when I have to think of good ideas! 😎

  2. nice spot, chk my blog out and let me know whatu think about improvements pls

    • One thing that a lot of people suggest is limiting the number of posts per page, to aid in loading.

      When I visit your page, I get a security warning about an expired certificate. That is a major reason for people to not visit your site – so check out your widgets and plugins and see what is causing that problem!

      Email me if you have any additional questions. I’ll be more than happy to help!