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Posted 07 Nov 2007 in WordPress

Many bloggers will agree that blogging is time consuming. And when you are on the go and just want to make a quick post, having to take the time to link to frequently used terms can seriously slow you down!

Link A Dink, a WordPress plugin by Dax, takes a little of the load off of ‘blog and run’ bloggers, by storing a set of words that should be replaced in a post with links!

Want to replace “Work From Home” with a link to your favorite blog post or website about working from home? Use Link A Dink!

Installation is quick and easy – download the .zip (extract the .php), upload it to your WordPress plugins folder, activate on the Plugins Screen, then go into the Link A Dink settings page in your Options.

Now, every time that I type web host, it is automatically replaced with a link, so I do not have to look up my affiliate link and insert the code into my post’s HTML.

It appears to have an infinite set of replacement words that you can use, and this plugin is totally free.

The only “flaw” with this plugin is that you must manually enter the HTML code for a link into the “replace” box, so that your links are clickable. If you don’t, you will just see your word replaced with the URL but no way to click it!

Link A Dink has a lot of great potential uses, including adding the opportunity to monetize certain words or phrases on your WordPress powered blog; inserting affiliate codes into your posts; and replacing words with pictures!

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  1. Hey that’s a pretty cool plugin!!! And surely a time saver on an affiliate site too.

    • You could have an auction and auction off a word or phrase, like “business” or “work from home” – then link it back to a particular site. Cool, huh?