Common WordPress Terms You Need to Know

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Posted 02 Apr 2008 in WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysWhen I began using WordPress, I had no idea what I was getting myself into – I just knew that this was “the best” blogging software on the market and it was FREE! Over time, I’ve picked up some of the WordPress lingo, which is important when tweaking your themes, plugins or even the WordPress software itself!

Codex – The Codex is the “Wikipedia” of all things WordPress. Volunteers maintain the articles and answer questions, so this is the first place I go to when looking for an answer to why a plugin isn’t working like I want or how to modify my themes.

Parameter – If you have used Blogger, you are familiar with Parameters – they are snippets of code that add additional functionality to WordPress template tags. For instance, if you saw the template tag bloginfo(); and it looked like this, <?php bloginfo('name'); ?> everything within those parenthesis would be considered parameters. Some plugin writers help you learn the parameters you can use to modify the output from their plugins.

Template Tags – WordPress is popular because it is easily customizable. You can find hundreds, if not thousands of themes and plugins to make your WP Powered Site YOURS! In themes, you can use template tags to customize your output – how many categories to show and how, how many recent posts to show, etc.

Loop or The Loop – Think of “the Loop” as the bread and your HTML and PHP code as the peanut butter and jelly. You can’t have a sandwich without the Loop beginning and ending. All things you want displayed on your page must fall in between the Loop.

.htaccesshypertext access is the default name of Apache’s directory-level configuration file. .htaccess is placed in a particular directory, and the directives in the .htaccess file apply to that directory, and all subdirectories thereof – and this is the way WordPress makes pretty permalink URLs that we love.

Do you know of any important or common WP terms that we need to know? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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