Avoid These Serious Blog Design Mistakes!

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Posted 01 Oct 2008 in WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysEveryone has their preferences when it comes to what their blog or the blogs they visit look like, but these are several blog design mistake that you can avoid – gaining you a larger audience and happier readers.

Use partial feeds. Everyone loves having to visit a website to get update. Especially when they have 100 to 200 feeds they read daily. Do yourself and your readers a favor and install a plugin likeĀ Full Text Feed and say goodbye to partial feeds forever!

Forget about search boxes and just let your readers manually search through dozens of posts for that ONE post you wrote about your favorite webhost. Seriously, you can go the simple route and add this code:

< ?php the_search_query(); ? >

to your sidebar or where ever you’d like in your WordPress template (Source: WP Template Tags; be sure to remove the spaces before the first ? and after the second ?).

Or, be a little adventurous, and sign up for Google Search Engine. The website will walk you through the steps to create a custom search engine JUST for your WP powered site – and you can evtime.onrails.org easy signupen make AdSense money off of each search!
Don’t give visitors a way to contact you! I mean seriously, do you really think that anyone wants to contact you? Maybe you like having your comments cluttered with email-type requests that are off topic. If you don’t like this, then get Contact Form with Spam Protection. Be smart about it and change the question regularly, and don’t make it so hard that no one can answer your spam protection question!

Thoughts? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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  1. I laughed as I read this in my feed, so I couldn’t resist stopping by to comment.

    You know, I don’t get much spam through my contact form and there’s no form of CAPTCHA there. Oh, I’ll get one once in a great while (like once in 2 months) with nothing but URLs, but that’s pretty easy to spot and delete.

    I used to visit a lot of blogs and I’m trying to get back into that. I always come across blogs that do everything you tell them not to. Partial feeds, no contact form (sometimes not even an email address can be found anywhere), and no search boxes. Some don’t even have archives pages. I think some people have heard somewhere that it isn’t good to display archives until after you have more than a one month, but that’s complete bull.

    RT Cunningham | Nursing School´s last blog post: The KeywordLuv Format is Now Required on ALL Comments Containing Keywords

    • Archives are very important! I often like to check out the archives of sites, even if they are newer sites.

      I do not get a lot of spam, either, but that is probably because I use Akismet.

  2. Do I think anyone wants to contact me; in fact I know they do.

    I’ve had readers contact me about post, writers contact me about contributing, donors contact me about sending money for campaigns I was organizing, sources contact me about stories I’d been covering, other not so web savvy readers contact me just about how to subscribe, fellow bloggers contact me various things, planners contact me to invite me to national conventions and forums, students who wanted comment for papers, and both local and national media contact me for print, radio and t.v. interviews which I have done a few of, though I’m nobody.

    All this I would have missed without my contact being avaliable; because in most of these case people are not going to comment to a post about this stuff, they’re just going to keep it moving if there’s no contact.

    And I’ve gotten little offtopic or irrlevant side clutter in a year and a half, and after about 600 post.

    I encourage you not to believe that the work you do is in signifigant and not worthy of generating the desire for people to contact you. You never know.


    Yobachi´s last blog post: Obama Opening A Can of Whoop Ass In Swing States

    • The value of a contact form is great – I was being a bit sarcastic in this post to spice things up a bit. :-) Hope to see you visit again!

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