7 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging

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Posted 15 Oct 2008 in WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysAre you still contemplating starting a blog?

Or have you reserved a username or webhost, but haven’t made the first step into blogging?

Don’t despair. You aren’t alone! Many people haven’t started blogs yet!

Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon, but as you have probably noticed, blogging is more and more popular, and is now in the mainstream of world news and communication!

I want you to start a blog! Still not convinced? Well, here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging!

  1. Blogging is easy. Seriously. Blogging is just as simple as sitting down and composing an email!
  2. Low startup costs. There are many free blogging platforms out there – from WordPress.com, Blogger, LiveJournal and Xanga.You already have internet at home, school or the library. So get started!
  3. Hone your writing skills. No matter what your native language is, perfecting your writing skills is invaluable for you, no matter what jobs you take in the future.
  4. Learn something new. You love flowers, but don’t know much about them. Take time to research and learn about them, and write about it. Not only will you help yourself, but you will also help others by sharing what you are learning.
  5. Join or create your own community. It is hard to meet people this day and age, but online, you can build your own community or join one – and make friends that can last a lifetime.
  6. Learn a new skill – or three! Learn how to write HTML or PHP code, the ins and outs of marketing, or even how to network. Blogging helps you learn these skills and much more.
  7. Self expression. Your blog can serve as a way for you to talk about things you don’t get to talk about in your everyday life, or even explore these topics at length with others.

Do you have suggestions for why people should blog? If so, leave them in the comments!

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  1. All good points – what about earn a few dollars??

    Jay´s last blog post: What’s next?

    • Good suggestion, Jay!

  2. Yes, blogging is easy. Just have to be dedicated to continue posting on your blog.

    A reason to blog is also to show a field your good in which can range from computers to sewing :)

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