37 Sources for WordPress Themes

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Posted 14 Nov 2007 in WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysThanks to Mitchelaneous for this great roundup!

I’ve personally checked out each site, and there are some GREAT themes out there, ready for a blogger or website owner to install and use on their WordPress powered site!

  1. WordPress.net’s Theme Viewer
  2. WPThemesFree.com
  3. WPThemeSpot.com
  4. ThemePorter.com
  5. WordPressThemes.com
  6. n.design studio’s WordPress Themes
  7. Just Skins – WordPress Category
  8. AlexKing.org – Theme Viewer
  9. Ask Graphics – Free Templates
  10. SEO Friendly WordPress Themes
  11. iGuides.org – WordPress Themes
  12. Free Themes at Cureless.net
  13. Ext JS WordPress Theme
  14. BlogsTheme.com
  15. RowMow’s Free WordPress Themes
  16. CSS Design Templates – WordPress Styles
  17. Templates Factory – WordPress Themes
  18. Free WordpRess Themes at DirJournal.com
  19. AllInfoDir.com WordPress Theme Collection
  20. ReviewMyTheme.com – WordPress
  21. WordPress Theme Generator
  22. 980 Free WordPress Themes
  23. Free Winter Themes – Lunarpages
  24. TopWPThemes.com
  25. TemplateMonster.com – WordPress Themes for Sale
  26. Free WordPress Themes – Lunartics
  27. ElegantWPThemes.com
  28. WordPress WOW!
  29. WordPressTheme.com
  30. GFXedit.com Themes for WordPress
  31. DirSurfer Free WordPress Theme List
  32. SkinsforWP.com
  33. GII WordPress Themes
  34. WordPress Themes on biboz.net
  35. Template Xtreme WordPress Listing
  36. Site Ground WordPress Themes
  37. WordPress at Headsetoptions.org

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  1. Many thanks for the linking love here. :) Always fun to see what designs are out there – even if it is just for inspiration sake.

  2. Another source for you:


    • Oh this is great, LordMaX! I will definitely bookmark this one and add it to my arsenal! :)