3 WordPress Plugins to Help Your Readers Enjoy Your Feed

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Posted 31 Oct 2007 in WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysWith the latest Google PageRank update, a lot of bloggers with TONS of RSS readers and traffic saw significant drops in their PageRank! However, instead of spending a lot of time whining about it or complaining about the unfairness of Google, take some time to invest in improving your blog’s feed, so that your RSS readers get a more enjoyable experience – AND you can continue to generate traffic to your site and perhaps, with the next PageRank update, you’ll see an improvement! ❗

One of my favorite plugins for WordPress feeds is Full Text Feed, a plugin that prevents WordPress 2.1+ from adding a more link to your website’s feed. Some of the posts here at thepinkc, especially those under Welcome to Soulville are truncated, to limit the amount of scrolling readers have to do for LONG posts.

However, using the tag will truncate your posts in your feed, too! Full Text Feed is easy to implement – download, install and activate – and now, your feeds will display full posts, versus truncated ones, and you can still display truncated posts on your blog’s website.

Another great feed solution is Feed Footer. This plugin allows you to add custom footers to the bottom of your posts in your RSS feed. You also have 10 fields to input information, so imagine the flexibility! You can have ten different affiliate links in your feed footer, such as my link for PayPerPost; 10 different advertisements; copyright notices; contact information or even display information about a contest! It is really up to you what information to put into your feed’s footer!

The Feed Footer plugin administration page also allows you to use HTML, so you can customize to your satisfaction!

Slashdigglicious adds social networking icons and links to the bottom of each RSS post. Now, readers can submit your posts to Digg, StumbleUpon and other social networking websites directly from their RSS reader!

Again, this is an easy plugin to install, and with a little HTML knowledge, you can add more social networking websites to your list, as well as edit the icons. I used a snippet of code border="0" to remove the border from around each icon. Note: When you update this plugin, you have to manually edit any changes to the code you have used previously, as it does not update across versions.

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