Using Bit Torrent

Soooooo I started to write a post on how to use Bit Torrent then realized that there are better tutorials out there than I could ever write. For example:

I love each of those and they each give a somewhat different perspective. My own personal BitTorrent setup is using uTorrent. Make sure you set a upload max (leave downloads unlimited) otherwise other people could use more of your bandwidth to take than you will have to get and will keep you from accessing websites while you have the program open. Make sure you seed files even for a little while. If you end up joining some private sites, you will have to otherwise you’ll get kicked off.

Unless you move your files to another folder after downloading, it’s usually pretty easy as the programs automatically will seed them for you. You can stop the uploading if you want while you continue to grab material. Sometimes I let it upload stuff overnight to keep my ratios up.

Some sites I like to use for files:

Do beware that you should only do legal file sharing with Bit Torrent and we cannot condone using it to share media or other files you do not have the rights to.

I’ll be back later this week with something else spectacular up my sleeve! See you Thursday!

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