Tweak your Firefox 3 Toolbar Bookmarks

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Posted 17 Jun 2008 in Technology

firefox3 In February, I walked you through how you tweak your Firefox 2 about:config settings and how to condense your toolbar into one row.

Now with the release of Fx3, there are some significant changes in the way the browser handles bookmarks – which we should all be aware of!

Your bookmarks now have some new folders and features, such as “Most Visited”, “Recent Tags” and “Recently Bookmarked.” You also have the ability to drag and drop your bookmarks into the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder. But, there’s a catch!

Firefox 3 does not merge your previous Bookmarks Toolbar Folder into the current one, so you have to manually move your folders and links to the new folder. (Note: You may see bookmarks in the Bookmarks Toolbar Folder for Firefox 3, but they may not be the newest set available.)

It’s a simple drag and drop procedure, but if you have a lot of links or folders, just do a few at a time, surf the web with this sweet new browser then move a few more. 😆

Here’s a quick screenshot of what my bookmarks folder looks like after moving things around a little

Firefox Bookmarks

Have you downloaded Firefox 3 yet? What do you think?

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  1. With all the new features of Firefox 3, it will take some time until we get to used to all the new features.

    • I agree! But it looks like it will be well worth it, don’t you think? :)

  2. I noticed this….

  3. It’s always the way with new software, you have to keep learning new stuff…

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