Top 6 Productivity Tools for Students and Professionals

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Posted 23 Sep 2014 in Soulville, Technology

Keeping your life organized is supposed to be easier with technology but sometimes it can be very overwhelming instead. We’ve put together 10 web and smartphone tools to help you stay organized and keep you on your toes.

Calendar – The first thing needed for organization is a calendar. In addition to a trusty paper calendar (never needs charging!), we highly recommend Sunrise. It is free and syncs with your existing calendars and several apps such as Asana and Evernote. They recently implemented real time sync with Google calendar. The web calendar and the apps are easy to use and are nice to look at too. Sunrise for iOS Sunrise for Android Sunrise for Web

To Do App – In addition to a calendar, we often have easy or complicated tasks to keep track of. While Any.Do is great if you don’t have super complicated tasks and want to see your tasks everywhere including in your browswer, if you have very complicated or multipart tasks, Asana is perfect. It is easy to set up and you can use it for small teams or just by yourself for free. The possibilities of sublists among sublists among sublists are endless! Asana for Android Asana for iOS Asana for Web

Customize Asana for Your Workflow from Asana on Vimeo.

A big part of being productive is also being able to keep up with the world. The introduction of NPR One has helped us stay on top of the news without having to subscribe to podcasts or curate our own news from the NPR website. If you want to have little work to do to listen, it is perfect. NPR One for Android NPR One for iOS

Evernote – Evernote is always on our list. Why? It is easy to keep track of to do lists, capture data from websites using the Evernote clipper, save presentations and files, organize recipes, keep track of requirements, save special documents for work, keep a copy of your drivers license and registration, and the list goes on and on and on…We just love it. You can do all of those things as a free user and premium users get even more things – faster text recognition, offline notebooks, etc. Presentation mode makes meetings that much better. The best thing is that it is available on the web, as a desktop application, for iOS, for Android, for Windows Phone and for Blackberry. Wow.

Dropbox – Where would we be without Dropbox? Similar to Evernote, it is a staple in our productivity wheelhouse. It is a great place to store documents, videos, programs, and even run programs. Access your items everywhere and share them with anyone via the web application, the apps, or the desktop applications. It is a great place to keep your budget, those papers you just graded, software program keys, or backup other apps you use. Get it today.  Dropbox for iOS Dropbox for Android

IFTTT – You probably use more apps than we’ve mentioned here. It takes a lot of effort to set everything up just the way you want it and using the apps by themselves, it is difficult to get them just right. Enter IFTTT or If This Then That. We’ve featured it here before, but we find that it helps us make every app perfect. It helps us automatically add something to Evernote if we email it to a certain address, it texts us before every birthday that is in our Google calendar (go buy a card!), it organizes all of our LinkedIn contacts, it saves full text of items in Pocket to Evernote or Google Docs, and it even turns the lightbulbs on in our homes. Get it now!

What apps are you using for Productivity? How have your apps changed over the last year? What is the next big thing you’re waiting on? We want to hear about it!

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