To Brand or Not to Brand Your Twitter Profile

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Posted 11 Aug 2009 in Technology

Twitter is possibly the largest social networking site out there,and people are always looking for ways to make it help them improve other parts of their lives. There’s buzz around the blogosphere and Twitter about branding your Twitter profile to match your blog or website, keeping your profile in a certain niche or even using Twitter as a networking tool.

When marketing yourself, you want all pieces to look similar and cohesive: logo, business cards, letterhead, envelope, website, brochure, media kit, marketing materials, signage, etc.

Twitter profile backgrounds are another tool to help market and promote your self. The background should match your existing brand or look. Twitter backgrounds get noticed: if they’re unique, fresh and stand out from the crowd. Source: How to Brand Yourself with a Twitter Background

twitter39What do you think? I believe that social networking can be a great way to meet new clients or business partners, but it should not be the only way people are meeting each other. More business-minded sites like LinkedIn are, in my opinion, better suited to business and professional networking, even if the profile process is a bit tedious. Twitter is a social networking tool, intended to connect people with similar interests, not necessarily to formally connect service providers with potential clients. Twitter, as I believe it was intended, is a tool to help people informally network online, not necessarily the place to “niche” your tweets or focus solely on business.

Branding your profile can come with its own challenges – what types of tweets will you post? Who is my target audience? How will you respond to followers? Will you also post about things outside of your niche? How will I brand my profile? The typical box on the left side with contact information? Cool graphics that match your site design? A custom avatar? An easy-t0-remember username? All of these questions and more must be answered when it is time to do Twitter branding.

For those of you who use Twitter for business, do you have multiple profiles? If not, what types of tweets do you post? What are the challenges you’ve faced in branding?

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