Thinking of selling your site?

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Posted 28 Feb 2010 in Technology

Domain Appraisal is the first step you should take after deciding to sell your site. Not only can you get a person to evaluate the value of your site, but you can also use the information for tax purposes or to help you decide how much to charge for advertising.

Look for domain appraisal that is non-automated and uses a variety of factors to determine the value of your site. Don’t let them just look at one or two factors and make a decision on how much your domain is worth! Look for appraisers who are experienced or have training in valuation.

Find out if your domain appraisal company checks behind its appraisers to make sure they are making accurate estimates of your domain’s worth and continue training them in the latest methods of domain appraisal.

After you’ve gotten a fair valuation for your domain, you can decide whether it is time to sell or if you should hold on to your domain and improve the site.

If you decide to sell, there are multiple places and ways to sell your site, including SitePoint, eBay or Cragislist, to name a few! I’ve even seen people take to Twitter to sell a site with favorable results. It’s up to you to make a sale or not, but it boils down to what your valuation is, where you decide to sell and demand in the market. Tech sites with a lot of followers and traffic definitely sell a lot better than personal domains with low traffic and search engine results.

Are you thinking about selling your domain? Why? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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