Subscribing a feed in Google Reader using Firefox

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Posted 06 Jul 2007 in Technology

With the current version of Firefox, subscribing to a new feed with Google is a little unwieldy. If you have tried to subscribe to a feed by using Google services, you have come across the “Subscribe with Google Homepage/Google Reader” dilemma.

That’s just an extra step that we shouldn’t have to take, especially if we aren’t using Google Homepage to subscribe to feeds.


Open a new tab and type in about:config in the address bar.

Copy and paste browser.contentHandlers.types.2.title into the Filter box. Press enter. The value should be Google Reader. If not, double click and change the name to Google Reader.

Copy and paste browser.contentHandlers.types.2.uri into the Filter box. Press enter.

Double click and change the URL to

Restart Firefox.

When you subscribe to a feed from now on, you will be taken directly to the Google Reader page. All you have to do at this point is to click on the “Subscribe” button on the top right corner to subscribe. 😎

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