Stop websites from resizing Firefox windows

Posted 04 Jan 2008 in Technology


For a novice or experienced computer user, you might think that your computer has been infected with a terrible virus or something when your browser window resizes itself upon clicking on a link – but never fear – here’s a simple solution to stop websites from resizing Firefox windows.

  1. Click on Tools > Options > Content
  2. Select “Advanced” to the right of “Enable JavaScript”
  3. Uncheck the “Move or resize existing windows” box.
  4. Press OK, then OK again and restart browser.
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  1. Thank you this helps a lot! Don’t you hate sites resizing your window?

    • You are most welcome! I think one of the most annoying website features is a website that resizes your windows!

  2. solarsails

    Thanks a mint! I’m in the experienced computer user category (but Firefox 3 (any version) is new to me.)) When my browser window resized itself like that it got my attention, fast! It would happen when I had several tabs open at once (almost always) and when I least expected it, so it was difficult to figure out exactly what was causing it. It was rather disconcerting, especially since I’m so paranoid about hackings (full timers can always find a way in, no matter how much you pay the symantec extortion ring)… It was also quite difficult to find any information about and though I feel like a numbnut now, I really appreciate the quick fix! Completely agreeable and its even better that I didn’t have to go through a big “new sign on” gig, just to get the answer (let alone click through 10 stupid ads and not get the answer (like does nowadays). I’m bookmarking this site. And my best regards to Ellie!

  3. I’m glad I could help you!