SEO is for the birds

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Posted 14 Aug 2009 in Technology

Enough with the rain ok?
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I love using a search engine to find information, but it comes as no surprise that even a tool as helpful as Google is gamed by people around the globe. How?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is used not just for good, but for “evil,” too. Some SEO “experts” make their bread and butter by encouraging some of the worst practices in blogging – stuffing posts with keywords to generate higher search rankings and traffic, when the post may or may not be relevant for the searcher’s needs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of responsible SEO, but I am seeing a trend toward overuse and misuse as more and more people get into the SEO field as a career. As with anything, there is a such thing as over doing it, and SEO sometimes crosses a fine line.

I’ve read – and you probably have, too – tips about SEO suggesting stuffing keywords in old posts to generate search engine traffic. It’s not a bad idea to edit old posts for grammar, clarity, updated information, but to suggest that keyword stuffing is a good way to generate the long-term, quality traffic we want, I don’t think so!

Let’s be more responsible users of SEO and stop worrying so much about traffic and RSS subscribers. Instead, enjoy blogging for what it is, instead of a means to an end (or a paycheck).

What are your thoughts? Is SEO on its way out as Google improves its search algorithms? Or will SEO be a mainstay of web design and blogging? Are there ways to monitor misusers of SEO?

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  1. SEO will need to respond to Google’s algorithm changes and therefore will always be a dynamic part of website building and developing.
    People game it, Google changes it, the ‘gamers’ lose out – we’ve all done it to various degrees. The gamers are ahead for a short while but pretty soon Google catches up and sometimes slaps them. Playing by the rules will always be the best SEO plan in the long term – good well-thought-out content and well-linked pages will always get you SERP…when it doesn’t then Google will have lost the battle.

    • The gamers are what bother me most about SEO. They take advantage of search engine searches to come up with irrelevant results that generate traffic. If I’m looking for umbrellas, I want results about umbrellas, not rain coats or hats.

  2. Dan

    Interesting. I see the gaming going on and on. I understand people adding a tag that says IPOD when they’re trying to sell a Zune on ebay, but it’s annoying and misleading whether you’re looking for either one. I’d like a switch to be able to turn related, close, and wanna be tags off. Don’t see that happening so you just need better search tools and logic. Thanks for the picture credit, not everyone does correctly. I look occasionally to see who is using my pictures and for what. Cheers, Dan / racketrx.