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Posted 06 Aug 2007 in Reviews, Technology

A few weeks ago, the Geek Girl series featured a post about Online Invoicing. I got a lot of feedback about other online invoicing products, and I chose to review Time59, because of its ease of use and intuitive design.

Within minutes, I was able to create a sample client and create invoices with Time59. The invoices are created as .pdf and can be printed for mailing or emailed to the client. This is a great idea! Other clients only create .pdfs for email or just .pdfs for mailing, but there’s none that does both.

Managing clients is as easy as adding in their information, assigning a project to them, inserting your rate, and letting the program calculate how much to charge them! It appears that you can add an unlimited number of clients.

The design is simple and straight to the point. NO fancy flash or weird colors. I love it! While it is not an Ajax site, it runs very fast and the design is clean and functional. You can even export data into QuickBooks for your invoicing and payroll needs!

Overall, if you are looking for another easy to use Online Invoicing tool, Time59 may be your best option. Having the option of a free 30 day trial is enough time to find out if this is a good solution for your business needs – and after that, it is a reasonable $19.95/month.

Time59 is definitely a contender for my online invoicing needs – I’ll be trying them out over the course of the month because frankly, it’s free 30 day trial is better, it looks better (more professional) and it integrates into QuickBooks. ❗

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