Quickies – Online Software Features and New Launches

Posted 21 Dec 2007 in Technology

imo.im has now launched a feature called “surfing”… It allows you to use imo.im without having to click away from the window or tab that it is open in. You can surf left or right. Works best on widescreen displays. Previous coverage: imo.im – A Meebo killer?

Time59 has introduced a slew of new features – all which add additional personalization to invoices created with Time59’s online software. These features, including automatic invoice numbering and message insertion (i.e. “Due in 30 days”) have made Time59 an even more competitive product in the online invoicing market. Previous coverage: Review: Time59

Notesake.com takes away your “old school” notebooks and paper – and gives you a fresh, online way to create, save and share notes! I’m impressed with the features and hope more students begin using it. This can be incredibly helpful for large lecture classes or courses with large amounts of information given at each lecture. I’d even suggest this as a collaboration tool for office workers working on projects together or even organizations’ committees. Previous school coverage: Google to School and the 2007 Back to School Series

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  1. I think if Notesake.com promote their site efficiently it could be the next BIG thing in online industry

    • Internet buzz would help, too! I found out about most of my favorite online tools via blogs I trust and read on a regular basis. :)