PC to Mac Conversion – Week One

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Posted 01 May 2009 in Technology

I’ve had my MacBook for a week now, and I have been busy tweaking and installing programs to give me the same functionality of my PC on the Mac. This is a monumental task, as so many people have created great Mac software – and all software is not created equally.

Tigger on MacBook Pro
Creative Commons License photo credit: willislim

I started using ShortKeys on Windows for text replacement, but it does not have a Mac equivalent. So, I downloaded TextExpander and it is working great so far. It does exactly what is says and there are downloadable TextExpander snippet files available for download, too. OpenOffice is my current replacement for Microsoft Office 2007, until I get my copy of MS Office in the mail. It is a good, solid program and I have used the program before on my Vista computer.

I’m still looking for a Mac application to sync my Windows Mobile phone to my MacBook, as The Missing Sync has no free demo or free version to use. I don’t want to have buyers remorse after spending $39.95 on a program that may or may not work!

Other programs that I installed – and have Windows versions are:

  • Calgoo Connect – a free calendar sync for Windows, Mac and online calendars
  • Evernote – a free desktop, online and cell phone note taking program (Read my previous posts about Evernote here, here and here.)
  • FileZilla – an easy and free FTP program, have used it for years! Read about it in my Geek Girl’s Software Pack post.
  • TweetDeck – a feature-filled Adobe Air application to make using Twitter easier – read about two web-based Twitter applications in “iTweet vs Tweetvisor

Mac users – do you have suggestions on programs I should try out? I’m open to great programs that make computing more fun or easy! Let’s hear it in the comments!

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  1. quicksilver – app launcher

  2. Is Quicksilver better than the Spotlight search on the Mac? Is it a duplicate of the same program or something else?

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