Online Banking helps save time and the environment

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Posted 19 Nov 2007 in Technology

I’m a huge fan of doing mundane banking tasks online, such as balancing my checkbook or even paying bills from my checking accounts. Online banking has made it increasingly easy to save paper (no more writing checks!) and time (no more going to the bank and waiting in line!), which are two major reasons to LOVE opening an account with online banking features.

Some other great features that I absolutely adore are the national scope of most banks. No matter where you go, just about, there’s a Bank of America, Washington Mutual or Wachovia within driving distance of you!

But, with the advent of online banking, you can live hundreds of miles from the closest branch and still have your banking business conducted quickly and efficiently, thanks to online transfers, direct deposit and online customer service.

Where’s your bank? Do you bank online?

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