Make Windows Vista SP1 Permanent!

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Posted 28 Jul 2008 in Technology

The following tip comes in handy when reclaiming some space on your Windows Vista machine.

  1. Open the command prompt (Win Key + R and type cmd)
  2. Then type in vsp1cln.exe at the prompt.
  3. You want to select YES.
  4. Allow the program to reclaim space on your hard drive and make Windows Vista SP1 permanent on your hard drive!

Some users reported up to 0.9GB reclaimed!

Hat tip to Life Rocks for the how-to!

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  1. Great tip!

  2. Cute new template! Why you changed the old one?

    Linky Love’s last blog post: Who wants the most passionate date ever with Jessy Lis?

    • I thought it was time for a change. I will be updating everything in the coming weeks, which will coincide with my e-book launch!

  3. Papa

    Reclaimed 1.5GB on my hard drive.

  4. WOW, Papa! That is simply AMAZING!