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Posted 03 Mar 2009 in Technology

I mail out roughly 300 letters a month, and it is easier to use printable labels than to hand-write my return address on each envelope.’s printable auto-fill-in .pdf labels are perfect for doing this job – and I can use the file over and over again, or personalize to meet my needs, like when I changed my return address to my street address versus my Post Office box.

While the website says you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, but I did have some success using Foxit Reader.

4 types of Auto Fill “Basic Formatting” templates for labels and business cards are available:

  1. Autofill all label cells with the same information in seconds.
  2. For Shipping/Mailing labels, autofill information for FROM and TO – excellent for multiple shipments to one address.
  3. For Shipping/Mailing labels, autofill information for FROM & insert manually different information for TO
  4. Autofill image insert and text for popular size labels and business cards
Sample PDF Label Page

Sample PDF Label Page

Also, templates for manually inserting different information into each label cell are available. Templates for CDs, many of the label types and sizes and business cards are available for download. The sky’s the limit when you have these label templates. Just remember to test your printer before printing on the labels, to make sure they’ll print properly.

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