How to Stop Spammers on Twitter

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Posted 30 Jul 2009 in Technology

Twitter recently deleted a lot of (spam) accounts, but that doesn’t mean that new spammers aren’t showing up every day to clog the twit-stream with porn, ‘get followers fast’ schemes and get rich quick schemes.

Follow Twitter’s lead and combat spam on your own.

1. Use TweetDeck to auto-report spam followers.

Use the filter button at the bottom of the “All Friends” column, it’s the funny looking one that appears to be an arrow pointing at two balls. Type in the word you want to filter for, in this case I selected “followers” because I see a lot of posts that say “I became a member of this AWESOME site that gets you TONS of followers”. This filter will include anybody that says “followers” so proceed with caution. I usually click on their profile, and 90% of the time it’s the same message over and over and over again. SPAM!

Mouse over the avatar and four icons will appear; select the one that looks like a snowflake in the lower right corner, then choose User–>Block & Report Spam. This will remove this person from your timeline and then send a direct message to @spam that the user should be suspended. (From: 3 Steps To Stop Spammers On Twitter)

Tweet2. Stop Auto-following everyone who follows you. I estimate that at least 1/3 of my followers are spammers – so why would I automatically follow everyone who follows me? Services like TweetLater sound like a good idea in theory, but in real life, it can cause more headaches than it is worth. Do you really want to follow accounts with no tweets but 2,000 followers? Or follow bots that add no value to your tweet-stream?

3. Lock your account. If you don’t have to have your account open for business or personal reasons and want an extra layer of protection, protect your tweet-stream. Your account won’t show up in the search stream to bots who follow people based on keywords.

Do you have any tips on how to stop spammers on Twitter?

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  1. I kind of disagree with the last one. Locking your account, in my experience, does more to insulate users from the benefits of Twitter than protect them from whoever they are locking themselves away from. People should simply be conscious of what they post or not twitter at all!

    • Ellie

      Good point, Jimmy! However, I think that we shouldn’t have to censor ourselves in order to stop spammers from targeting keywords we post and mass following us. That, too, defeats the purpose of Twitter.

      (And congrats on being the 1000th comment!)

  2. Now I could easily kick spammers out of my twitter account.BTW What is your twitter ID?

    Thanks again