How to Make PDF Work For You

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Posted 24 Feb 2008 in Soulville, Technology

SoulvillePDFs are a good way to keep up with data and share things easily with other people. Want to share office documents or scanned items? Want to print your paper but out of paper or ink? Want to save those online receipts but don’t want a bunch of papers around? PDF is a great way to do these things.

Right now, most of us probably have Acrobat Reader on our computers, but can’t afford Adobe Acrobat Pro. So what to do?

Try a free program like CutePDF Writer or PDFCreator. They have smaller install files, are setup as printers on your computer and can be set as the default printer. They are relatively to use and some, like CutePDF Writer and PDFCreator, don’t include spyware or ads with their programs. This means no “extras” that you didn’t account for. When you are picking a free program, try sites like where you can search just for free programs and look at reviews and ratings. Don’t be afraid to test the programs out and find one that works best for you.

I use a PDF printer on my computer. It’s made it a lot easier to organize myself – everything is a PDF and I just file them where they need to go. I can create PDFs from Word files and put them on websites (no more editable Word Documents!). When I’m doing my school applications and I want to keep something in my records that they don’t necessarily give you a print button for, just print it!

It’s pretty neat technology – how do you use PDF? Post that answer and catch me next week in Soulville!

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  1. Cynthia

    To take even greater advantage of the PDF format, you can apply to the Ads for Adobe PDF program to generates revenue by including ads with your PDFs:

    Cynthia (Adobe)

    • This is interesting! Thanks for sharing! 😎

  2. We have PDF writer at work and (ahem) a copy seems to have made it’s way onto my PC!! 😆
    I love it, I write all sorts of stuff in ‘Word’ and then convert it to PDF to take advantage of the file-size. I use a very old version (4.0) as it has better functionality than some of the later versions when it comes to editing.
    I even had a go at downloading an entire blog into PDF (Linky’s) but it got so huge, I had to stop it… :mrgreen:
    I tried some free versions, but didn’t have much success. I would recommend checking somewhere like ebay for Acrobat Writer 4.0 – although it has trouble opening some pictures in newer files, if you edit the text and save it, the pictures are still there even if 4.0 can’t see them.
    It has it’s peculiarities, but you can get round that when you learn how to use it.

    • I personally like PDFCreator – I can make it compatible with old versions of Adobe AND there’s no watermarks. However, I really want a good and FREE editor that won’t add watermarks! :mrgreen:

  3. I checked on eBay and actually the price was quite high for Acrobat 4.0… I think a study and comparison of the best of the free software solutions would make an interesting post..