How to look busy at work

Posted 02 Aug 2007 in Technology

Someone always has a bad habit of coming up from behind me while I am surfing the internet and looking at websites I reaaaaaaaaly don’t want anyone to know I’m looking at. 😳 😳

The best trick I learned was to press ALT-TAB and switch to another screen. It’s pretty handy especially when I am using multiple programs like Firefox and Excel.

In Firefox, you can press CTRL-TAB and switch to another tab.

Pretty nifty, huh?

Do you know any other tips for hiding what you are doing online? ❓

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  1. Only apply for an office with a door…

  2. Do not stay in the office for lunch – instead, leave!!!! People will think that you work “so hard” just because you actually leave for lunch!

  3. HAHA. Oh please that’s like the most idiot proof way to avoid getting caught. Awhile back at my school, they launched this “Tablet PC Programme” whereby they made all of us either buy or rent Tablet PCs to use in class. Of course, being students all of us ended up surfing the web all the time or playing games with each other during lesson time.

    Over the years, we’ve managed to uncover various gems across the internet that have allowed us to get away with chatting on msn during lesson time. One of the best ones would be Windows hider Pro. When that program is open, all you have to do is hit a preset keystroke and every program window which you preset under the program’s settings will instantaneously “hide”, disappearing from your taskbar and task manager. After the teacher walks pass, all we do is hit another keystroke to unide the window and continue with our web surfing and chatting. Try it out, it’s full proof :) We’ve managed to get away with chatting on MSN, surfing the web, and even playing Warcraft 3 or Counter Strike. Our fingers just move faster than the teacher’s eyes.

    Of course, with the dumber teacher we managed to pass off Counter Strike as our screensaver 😀

  4. I will have to check out that program – Windows Hider Pro!

    I can’t believe a teacher really believed that Counter Strike was a screensaver! That’s crazy! 😆

  5. It was funny during the NCAA mens basketball tournament one site offered a feature where you can watch the games. On the screen there was a button you can press to bring up an excell spreadsheet if someone walked by. I thought that was pretty funny.


    Publish Pandora

  6. OH I almost forgot. Dan’s comment reminded me of this site:

    All you have to do is enter the site you want to visit on work friendly’s homepage and it will open up in what seems to be word document which looks quite authentic. Furthermore there’s a “boss” button or something like that which will change the website to something which looks more like an actual word document if someone decides to look closely at what you’re doing.

    Go check it out :)

  7. spvn, that workfriendly website looks promising! too bad it does not load my website :(

    however, i will definitely be using this at work for the next couple of weeks!