How to: Access your Firefox settings anywhere

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Posted 06 Jul 2007 in Technology

If you have a USB (thumb) drive and access to a computer, you can access your Firefox settings anywhere.

Yes, really! offers all kinds of portable software, including a portable version of your favorite blogger’s favorite browser, Firefox.

Not only has provided us with a USB version of Firefox, but you can rest assured that it won’t leave any tracks on the computers you use AND you can copy your settings from your computer to your Firefox Portable and vice-versa.

The directions to install and copy your settings are detailed and as long as you follow them to the letter, you will be able to run your Firefox Portable from any computer within minutes!

To install:

  • Create a folder (directory) on your USB drive called “Programs”
  • Download the portable package from the Firefox Portable page and then double-click it.
  • Select the location you wish to install to (Your USB drive’s “Programs” folder) and click OK.
  • A Firefox Portable directory will be created there and all the necessary files installed.
  • Create a shortcut at F:/ by right-clicking on the Firefox Portable .exe in the F:/Programs folder, and then click “Create Shortcut”. This creates a shortcut to the Firefox Portable .exe. To move the shortcut, select it, and then drag it to a new location, which will be in F:/ directory.

To use Firefox Portable:

  • Double-click FirefoxPortable.exe shortcut installed in your F:/ directory.
  • Use the program just like you would a local copy of Firefox.

To copy your settings:

  • Your local Firefox profile is usually installed in C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default.???\ Just copy the contents of that folder (except the cache directories) to the FirefoxPortable\Data\profile directory.
  • Then, and this is important, delete the file FirefoxPortableSettings.ini within the FirefoxPortable\Data\settings directory, if there is one.
  • When you start Firefox Portable for the first time, it’s recommended that you turn off disk cache, password saving and history if you’re using a flash-based portable device. You can set all of these within the Privacy tab of the Firefox Options window.
  • Sometimes, certain profiles will cause the launcher to fail or hang. It’s best to give it a few minutes to see if it’s just checking compatibility and adjusting the locations of the extensions before giving up on it. If it fails, it is usually due to an incompatible extension.
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  1. good info on Firefox :) I shall try this out! good work! 😯

  2. It works pretty good for me – and it helps me stay on track. Visit the site for more tips on how to set it up without any problems. :)

  3. Alisandra

    I followed all the directions to find my profile, but you write “Just copy the contents of that folder (except the cache directories)” but what are the cache directories? How do I recognize them?

    • The cache directories or files will be named “cache”. If you don’t see any, then no worries. :)