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Posted 10 Nov 2007 in Technology

Gossimer.com is another source for domain registration and website hosting! We all want to save money on our hosting packages, as well as find a reliable company that will provide great service 365 days a year.

Few companies promise 100% uptime, but Gossimer does!

The design of the site is clean and professional. Information about pricing and plans is easy to find. This makes it easier for me to compare Gossimer’s services to those of other companies – great for comparison shopping!

My current host promises 99.99% uptime and I have a great package for $7.95/month.

So what would make me switch from my current host to Gossimer?

The pricing is pretty similar to that of my current host, though I get more perks because of the plan I use. My plan is similar to the $16.95 plan that Gossimer offers. ❗

But, my host doesn’t offer FREE online technical support, as well as a support knowledgebase!

Additionally, my current host doesn’t provide SEO tools for me to utilize! The SEO tools at Gossimer include some of the most popular and well-recognized tools out there – from the Google PageRank Estimator to the Domain Typo Calculator.

If you are considering making a major move to a better and more efficient hosting solution,
Gossimer.com might be a good choice. I’m going to read up more on it and add it to my growing list of potentially great hosts to use for my upcoming projects!

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