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Posted 30 Jul 2007 in Geek Girl, Technology

Geek GirlThe least used and known feature in Firefox is the sidebar. You can open any page in a sidebar that sits on the left of your browser window. Because the sidebar is typically narrow, it will not be feasible to use the sidebar to view every website. But, you can use it with at least 4 of the major Google services which use the sidebar without distorting the page. Please note that these links might require you to save the site URL to your bookmarks. Also note that I use All-in-One Sidebar extension for Firefox, which adds an additional menu bar at the top of the screen.

Note: Save the sites to your Bookmarks folder, then right click on the link and click “Properties”. Select “view this site in the sidebar” and you are done! The next time you use this link, it will load into the sidebar.

  • Google Search – Loads your Google search results in the sidebar. It is very clean and simple to use. Displays 10 search results at a time.

  • Google Docs & Spreadsheets – the list of your files sorted by the last modified date. When you click on a file, it opens in a new tab (or window, depending on your preferences), ready for you to modify or view it.

  • Google Notebook – Displays Google Notebook in a simple way. This is great if you don’t want to visit the Google Notebook site each time you want to add a note or add the Google Notebook extension.

  • Google Talk – This is great for those times when you just want to chat but can’t download the Google Talk client. Provides all of the basic features.

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