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Posted 06 Aug 2007 in Geek Girl, Technology

Geek GirlHave you ever restarted your computer one day and all of your photos and documents are GONE?!?!? Or have you ever accidentally deleted a folder of documents and realized, “Durn, I shouldn’t have done that,” but when you went to Recycle Bin, there was nothing there?!?!?

That is a nightmare that far too many people experience every day. :sad:

But, there’s a new online backup program that will automatically backup your files to a secure online server. Mozy is offers 2GB of space to start, but you can get more space by having friends and family sign up with your referral link. For each person who signs up and uses their Mozy account, you get an additional 256MB of space.

Signing up is as easy as:

1) Filling out a online survey about yourself (nothing terribly private);

2) Verifying your email address/account (click the link in your email);

3) Downloading and installing the Mozy software on your computer; and

4) Select the folders to backup, start the backup and go get a cup of Chinese weight loss tea! 😀

Mozy is a FREE program. It supports Windows. Macintosh support is available under public beta.

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  1. Or treat thepinkc to a tea :-)

    Am back, my server also is in US, yet my connection fron Malaysia to US was not working.

  2. Glad to see you back! :)

  3. :-) Me too :-)

    I know you have been playing with your layout: in my IE your right sidebars are below this Submit Comment textarea 😕

  4. Good call on Mozy! I set it up 15 minutes before I went to sleep last night, and in the morning all my data was backed up. I took a look at carbonite’s website too, but they don’t have a free 2 gb or as many features as Mozy.

  5. Clint, Mozy is great – I am glad I signed up for it!