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Posted 06 Apr 2012 in Reviews, Soulville, Technology

I love to exercise even if I don’t do it as much as I should. One way I’ve managed to do more of it is to set my bike up on an indoor trainer. I can catch up on emails while I ride or watch Netflix/sports or do any number of things inside the comfort of my own home (or focus big time on the ride to get maximum workout in). And when I’m done? Quick shower and back to work or relaxation. Why is this relevant to a technology blog? Because we all should move more AND because my setup has benefited from modern technology, mainly a wireless bike computer and a trainer. I tried to use a wired computer but the cable wasn’t long enough to reach the rear wheel and had seen some bad reviews about using a wireless indoors. Mine works perfectly so I’m glad I took the leap. Moving from outdoors to indoors to ride is an adjustment because you do not know how far you’ve gone without the computer so I love the computer chip makers :) The trainer I have isn’t top of the line but it does the duty and I admit I searched for the perfect prices and sales to get everything (except the bike, I had that already). Do you take advantage of something like this? What’s your setup?

My components:

2008 Trek 820 Mountain Bike
Cycleops Cycling Block
Cycleops Fluid 2 Bike Trainer
Continental Sportcontact smooth tire for the rear wheel (knobby still works up front)
Serfas Rx Bike Saddle for Women
Sigma BC1009 STS Bike Computer
Water bottle cage + water bottle
Gaiam 3mm Yoga Mat (could use a thicker one but why? the bike fits)

As a note, I had to remove my rear racks that I used for commuting and really wish I had bought a spare wheel for my smooth tire (difficult to switch between them for indoor/outdoor so I’m totally an indoor rider now until a new bike or a new wheel).

Check it out:

Share your setups and other ideas in the comments! Can’t wait to see them!

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