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Posted 26 May 2008 in Technology


Evernote is gaining fans all over the blogosphere with its free, feature-filled service that works on various platforms – Windows, Mac, Windows Mobile, online, offline; and is sync-able and searchable!

The coolest technology feature is Evernote’s handwriting recognition. Just start typing in the search box for whatever word or string of text you are looking for, and watch Evernote find it for you!

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Gustav H

Evernote works off of the premise that you will save items that you don’t want to forget or lose into the program. Then Evernote will sync the information across the desktop program and online, to make sure you can access it where ever you are, whenever you need it. Adding tags is easy, as is searching. We all like tagging support because you can add any kind of triggers that help you remember the information or have it available for searching later. (I use tagging support on my blog, too!)

When you are on the go, you can email reminders to your Evernote account, and when you get back to your computer or online, the information’s there. Additional ways to add information to Evernote are to scan and upload documents (great for receipts!), pictures (Evernote is so smart, that it can recognize text in photos!) and dragging and dropping files from your desktop.

Evernote is easy to use, which makes me like it, but it also has the capability to be used over a variety of platforms. I don’t feel limited by my cell phone’s data plan to access Google Notebook when I’m on the go or feel pressure to carry a notebook with me 24-7. I am also able to search my notes and add/remove/modify tags, which is incredibly helpful. The interface is bright and easy to use, and the help documents and community are great.

Have you ever clipped or saved something and then forgotten where you got the information from? Every Evernote clip has the source hyperlinked, if available, for easy viewing at the source.

I have 20 Evernote invites available.

Just reply in the comments with, “I want an Evernote invite!” and I will send one to you!

All invites on a first come-first served basis!

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  1. Adrian

    I want an Evernote invite!

    thanks alot! love the site.

    • You got it! :) I hope you enjoy it. Let me know how it works for you!

  2. Hi!
    I would also like an evernote invite to evernote. It seems a nice way to get organized…


  3. I want an evernote invite — many thanks!

  4. Invites sent! Definitely come back and let us know what you think of Evernote.

  5. Les

    I want an Evernote invite, please! :)

    • You got it!

  6. I want an Evernote invite please! Thanks! :)

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  7. Lord Bear

    Toss an Evernote invite this way, please!
    Thanks :)

    • I sent yesterday; I hope you enjoy Evernote as much as I do!

  8. Saw that use my Flickr-image – cool! I’m pleasured that you give credits to it!

    Gustav’s last blog post: Mail från Riksdagen

  9. I want an invite too!

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