Do you use Twitter?

Posted 01 Jul 2007 in Technology

twitter07I just saw Twitter in use on someone’s website. It looks like just a series of updates about random thoughts he’s having, but it does look kind of interesting.

Do any of you use Twitter? Why or why not? What’s the appeal?

Should I sign up?

Update 7/24/09: I’ve been using Twitter for several months now. You can follow me at @thepinkc for my daily doses of links, jokes, commentary, and more in 140 characters or less!

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  1. Before installing a twitter, you need to install the Linky Love button! :-)

  2. Yes! I’m on Twitter (r0see). I’m on it because I have no real friends? Haha, I don’t know. I kind of like the narcissism, and I kind of like the utter randomness of it all. I also thought I might meet new people, but actually I haven’t. Hmmmm, you should try it, though.

  3. @ Linky – I have the linky love button over there —->

    @ Rosario – I will check it out. It looks like another way for me to procrastinate. 😆 Email me your blog url so I can add it to my feed reader.

  4. I signed up but I can’t figure out how to add friends! HELP! 😯

  5. OOOH I figured it out! DUHHHHH!

  6. There’s Pownce , which is an enhanced version of twitter, it lets you send messages to specific groups of friends instead of everyone like twitter, but its a closed beta now.

  7. Ellie: my sleepyhead eyes discovered your link to me, will be linking back to you in a minute in my Woman Power blogroll!

    All wanting to join, come and leave a comment. Thanks!

  8. @ Indian Stallion – I just read about Pownce this morning. I will be definitely checking it out.

    Doesn’t Twitter have privacy settings, though?