Daily Twaddle’s Big WordPress Plugins Review

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Posted 11 Jun 2007 in Technology

I love reading about others’ favorite WordPress plugins. Because of my searching, I have found lots of reviews and lists that have helped me find the best plugins for my own blogging use.

Daily Twaddle features a great list that I found incredibly useful. If you are a WordPress user, definitely check this website’s list out. If you aren’t a WordPress user, well, get with the program, buddy!

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  1. Yes! WordPress rocks! I see you have the gravatar signup plugin too. I’ve recently had problems with gravatar (my mom tried to sign up but couldn’t). I might have to drop my star rating down on that one. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my site, by the way! I’m glad the list was useful for you!

  2. It is the gravatar website. :sad: