CTRL Shortcuts for Firefox

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Posted 04 Jul 2008 in Technology

In ControlSaving time while surfing (or working) can give you more time to get things done or enjoy life a little bit more!

Some of these quick CTRL shortcuts for Firefox may be familiar to you, but others not so much. So check out this list, which was complied by Mitch over at Firefox Facts:

Ctrl + 1 through 9 = Quick switch between 9 open tabs

Ctrl + Page Up = Move left through your open tabs

Ctrl + Page Down = Move right through your open tabs

Ctrl + P = Print Screen

Ctrl + O = Open File

Ctrl + I = Open Bookmarks in Sidebar

Ctrl + U = View Source

Ctrl + T = Open an Empty New Tab

Ctrl + R = Reload web page

Ctrl + E = Move Cursor to Search Bar

Ctrl + W = Close tab (if no tabs open, then closes browser)

Ctrl + Tab = Move right through your open tabs

Ctrl + S =  Open “Save As…”

Ctrl + D = Bookmark This Page

Ctrl + F = Open the Find bar for searching the web page

Ctrl + H = Open History in Sidebar

Ctrl + J = Open the Download Manager

Ctrl + K = Move Cursor to Search Bar

Ctrl + L = Move Cursor to Address Bar

Ctrl + B = Open Bookmarks in Sidebar

Ctrl + N = Open a New Firefox Window
Creative Commons License photo credit: festivefrog

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  1. thanks for refreshing tools.

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  2. and if you also want a couple of “alt” shortcuts :

    “alt” + the left arrow : moves you back a page

    “alt” + the right arrow : moves you forward a page

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  3. I use to type an address bar and search bar. Using Ctrl+K and Ctrl+L make this job more easier. Thanks thepinkc.net!

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  4. Great list of shortcuts. This is a very useful guide for anyone who is used to finding everything in the toolbar. I use shortcuts all the time and I didn’t know of a few of these.

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