Christmas Gift Ideas for your Favorite Geek

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Posted 20 Nov 2007 in Technology

As you enjoy your Thanksgiving turkeys on Thursday, you can take a few minutes to prod your favorite geek to tell you about some of their wish list items for Christmas! Afterall, Black Friday is on THIS Friday!

One great idea that geeks of all ages seem to love is the LCD TV. The technology is a lot more advanced than it was in years past, and the prices have dropped tremendously! Look for an LCD that will fit the space you want to put it in – a LCD that is too large will be uncomfortable to watch!

Another great idea is to give your favorite geek an ergonomic mouse and keyboard combination. Even if they use a laptop, they’ll appreciate a wireless, full sized keyboard and wireless mouse. You can work anywhere with a combo like that!

I’ll keep posting about other gift ideas over the coming weeks, so just keep checking back! Happy holidays!

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