3 Great Ways to Find Social Networking Information of a Twitter User

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Posted 28 Jul 2009 in Technology

Search other social networks of a Twitter user

If you want to befriend a Twitter user on multiple social networks, Identify, a Firefox add-on will come in handy. This add-on provides you with more information about a Twitter user and you can also add him (or her) as a friend on other popular social networking sites.

To get started, install Identify in your Firefox and restart. Then browse to any Twitter profile. Press the shortcut Alt+I  (or Control+I on the Mac) and you can see more Information about the user.


As you can see, I can see the profiles of the Ultimate Geek Girl, Ellie, on FriendFeed, Mybloglog and Twitter. I can easily join her on these respective networks.

Identify currently supports the following networks, plus Twitter – Flickr, Delicious, Friendfeed, Technorati, Last.fm and Identica.

Search for a Twitter profile bio

TweepSearch allows people to search their Twitter followers’ bio and location information. Searching for useful information about your followers in Twitter Search can be a pain. You have to remember the name of the follower, type it in the search box and every time, you have to repeat the process. But with TweepSearch things are kept simple. All of your followers are presented in a single page and you can see the bio and profile information together.

There are no sign ups or registration required and you can also see the profile and bio information any Twitter follower’s followers. ( See example )


Sync other networks with Twitter

SocialToo is a powerful platform with some rich features to sync your social networks and do some automatic tasks. This program works in the background and saves you time. SocialToo allows you to :

  • Automatically follow any Twitter user that follows you within 24 hours. So, there is no manual checking involved and your follower count increases every day.
  • You can choose to unfollow a twitter user automatically when he/she unfollows you.
  • Set your account to automatically check for spam twitter accounts¬† and unfollow them accordingly.
  • Use SocialToo to automatically block DM’s from services. Just check the check box “Block Automatic DMs From Other Services” in the registration page.
  • Offers some online survey tools where you can create polls and send them to your twitter followers and other social networks with a customized message.


While it is a great idea to befriend those whom you interact with often on social networks like Twitter, you want to also increase your reach and get to know them better before or after following them or adding them as a friend.

Guest Post by: Amit Banerjee, who can be found on Twitter and writing about technology at his blog, Ampercent.

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