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Have you updated your software lately?

Posted 14 Jun 2009 — by Ellie
Category Geek Girl

One of the most dreaded chores for most computer users is finding and installing updates for your software and operating system. There are programs out there to make this process easier, and many programs have built-in update checkers.

One of the top programs for updating your software is FileHippo, which works on PCs only. However, VersionTracker works on PCs, Macs iPhone and PalmOS.

I'm working
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No matter which program you use, it is important to look at the settings for your software first and see if it has the capability to check on its own for updates. You might have to manually check for an update or set the program to check for updates periodically, but at least you’ll be prepared to update your software quickly!

Prayer DOES work!

Posted 07 Apr 2009 — by Ellie
Category Random

Religion is taboo in some circles, but not here at ultimate geek girl! Even girl geeks have to set aside some time to give thanks for their blessings and pray for good things to happen in the world!

Futile - but Cute
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As some of you know from following me on Twitter, I have been searching high and low and in between for a new job and a new apartment, as graduation from Bloustein comes near.

DIY: 6 Work at Home Tips

Posted 07 Mar 2007 — by Ellie
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I’ve been working from home off and on since 1998. Over the years, I have found that with a few tweaks here and there, I can get a ton of work done in a little time – and I can enjoy the rest of the time, or spend time working at another job (or two, or three).

09.06.18. Work work work.
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#1 – Wake up early! The pre-dawn hours are great hours for productivity. No one else is up, you won’t have to hear the phone ringing, have the distraction of email or RSS feeds or much of anything, except for the lone bird or two outside of your window.