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Looking to hire a Theme Designer

Posted 30 Apr 2008 — by Ellie
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WordPress WednesdaysEver since the launch of WordPress 2.5, everyone is excited about new ideas for themes, as well as the new ownership of!

These are some exciting developments, and I am getting excited about the future of my blogging life – including getting a new theme for this site. I have tried to keep my content and appearance fresh, but I am ready for some changes that will help me feel like I’m getting a good return on my blogging investment.

There have been some serious setbacks with this site, including loosing my archives to a twitchy finger, gaining a Google PageRank of 4 and watching it drop to ZERO.

Get your blog ready for the new year!

Posted 02 Jan 2008 — by Ellie
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WordPress WednesdaysIt’s 2008!

Take a few minutes to take inventory of your blog – from the way it looks to how it functions and everything in between. What things do you want to change in order to give your visitors a great experience when visiting – and you a wonderful experience as a WordPress user?

Change your theme. Your old theme may look great, but it can also cause “blindness” for your visitors. They may be ignoring great features in your sidebar because they are so used to the same old same old design. Be adventurous – choose a theme that will stand out and provide some freshness for your blog!

Create a custom blog design

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Posted 18 Dec 2007 — by Ellie
Category Better Blogger

Step #32 in the 101 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger.

Create a custom blog design. Your blog is a symbol of your brand. Make it uniquely you.

thepinkc Current themeI’ve tweaked the current theme alot, but there’s definitely a lot more that can be done. I’m not a coder by trade, but I do like poking around and finding new ways to make my site easier to use and better looking!

One thing that did help in customizing this current theme was enlisting the services of a graphic designer to create a custom banner and logos for the site.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) WordPress Themes

Posted 28 Nov 2007 — by Ellie
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WordPress WednesdaysWhen upgrading your WordPress themes or just changing your theme to something new and fresh, look for Search Engine Optimized (SEO) WordPress themes.

What are you talking about? Search Engine Optimized (SEO) WordPress themes are themes that have had all of the “junk” taken out that will make your WordPress powered website slow to load, have hidden links to “bad” sites and more. With a SEO WordPress theme, you are taking away the power from the bad guys out there to ruin your site’s chance to rank for specific keywords online!

How to Implement Tags into your WordPress Theme

Posted 21 Nov 2007 — by Ellie
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WordPress WednesdaysThe newest version of WordPress offers tagging support. However, most existing themes do not offer tagging support. With the help of the handy tutorial over at Everybody Go To, you can modify your theme to include tagging support!

37 Sources for WordPress Themes

Posted 14 Nov 2007 — by Ellie
Category WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysThanks to Mitchelaneous for this great roundup!

I’ve personally checked out each site, and there are some GREAT themes out there, ready for a blogger or website owner to install and use on their WordPress powered site!

  1.’s Theme Viewer
  6. studio’s WordPress Themes
  7. Just Skins – WordPress Category
  8. – Theme Viewer
  9. Ask Graphics – Free Templates
  10. SEO Friendly WordPress Themes
  11. – WordPress Themes
  12. Free Themes at
  13. Ext JS WordPress Theme
  15. RowMow’s Free WordPress Themes

How to find FREE and GREAT WordPress themes

Posted 12 Sep 2007 — by Ellie
Category WordPress

Everyone wants to have fresh and unique WordPress themes.

There are tons of designers out there who can design a custom template for you, which will cause you to be the envy of every WordPress blogger on the block!

But, if you are like me and working on a budget, don’t despair!

There are tons of GREAT and FREE WordPress themes available for you, too!

Sponsored WordPress Themes Are Out

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Posted 17 Jul 2007 — by Ellie
Category WordPress

I always thought sponsored WordPress themes were tacky. I have come across a few, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Why would I monetize my blog in order to help someone else get money? That’s akin to me working at my job and giving someone else my paycheck. 😕

Basically, sponsored themes had ads or text link ads in the sidebars and footers that are associated with the designer – not you, the user. According to some WordPress users, these additional links can prevent you from conducting your own site monetization. Sucks, doesn’t it?